About us

KAZINTERTRADE FZE IS THE SISTER CONCERN OF SEA STAR GROUP WHICH HAS BRANCHES/ASSOCIATED COMPANIES IN UAE, QATAR, SAUDI, INDIA, TURKMENISTAN & KAZAKHSTAN. SEA STAR GROUP started its operation in the year of 1992. Kazintertrade was established in 2007. KAZINTRADE FZE is rendering procurement services for their prestigious & well established companies in the Middle East/Gulf region, Asian Sub-continent, CIS countries and African states by supplying high quality renowned brands of products.

Kazintertrade has a well-qualified, multi-skilled and highly experienced team of personnel who, by utilizing their vast and varied experience in the field of Procurement and supply chain are always available to collaborate with the customer’s personnel to provide professional, technically correct and in-depth solutions for achieving their objectives and demands


Kazintertrade performs procurement for a range of facilities and related infrastructure as shown below

  • Oil & Gas
  • Construction Industry
  • Infrastructural Projects.
  • Petro Chemical Industries
  • Energy & Power Generation
  • Chemical & Pharmaceutical
  • Mining & Irrigation Projects
  • Marine Industry


  • To understand the needs of the customer pertaining to the quality, price and delivery time
  • To convert the requirement of the customer into suitable product with the entrusted team, to utilize our resources to the maximum for obtaining the best quality product
  • To make sure that everything we do leads to cleaner and safer environment
  • Full service procurement establishes a protocol to acquire materials and services on a highly competitive basis, to deliver items and services on time per the project's requirements, and to ensure they are of the quality required by the specifications; right price, right time, right quality.